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More about Isabelle Ford:
Isabelle Ford is a young Catholic vocalist, pianist, organist, and composer in the Midwest. Though professionally an opera and classical performance musician, she has studied church music since the age of nine years old, especially focusing on traditional chant, hymns, and polyphony. She has been a member of multiple Schola Cantorum choirs throughout the country, including the notable Schola of Holy Family Catholic Parish in Dayton. She is currently apprenticed at a Catholic parish in order to learn the business of directing choirs, her long-term goal.
Song background:

This song is intended as an Advent Carol or to be sung before services on Christmas Eve. The text is used, with permission from its contemporary poet, Megan Chappie, who I had the pleasure of meeting and working with years before. The setting of the text is meant to illustrate Miss Chappie's intentions with the poem as best as possible. Because a wonder-filled silence is the crux of the poem, I try to frequently make use of quieting and gentle pauses with the choir. The frequent suspensions are meant to reflect the suspension of the world waiting for Christ's birth, and I always resolve them to remind the hearer that Christ was indeed born - we have to wait no longer. 

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Lyrics: Hush! There's a hush on the world tonight; <br/>The trees, they hold their breath, <br/>And the hoarfrost on our northern soil <br/>Is chill with a grip like death. <br/> <br/>Hush! There's a hush on the earth this morn; <br/>The sky, it will not snow, <br/>And the air is clear as fairy ice <br/>Where only the cold things grow. <br/> <br/>Hush! There's a hush on this world tonight; <br/>Oh, in your heart make room, <br/>For this is the season of silence; <br/>God hides in a Virgin's womb.
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