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Voicing/Instrumentation: Cantata/Choir Full Program/Play, Organ/Organ Accompaniment

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Book of Mormon
Has Optional Accompanying Narration

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More about Jeff Combe:
Originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho; currently live in Southern California. Studied composition with Dave Sargent and Murray Boren at BYU; jazz arranging and electronic music at Cal State Los Angeles.
Song background:

This is the seventh in the oratorio, The Last Words of Mormon.  This is for spoken voice accompanied by piano and organ.

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Lyrics: And it came to pass
in that same year
there began to be a war again
between the Nephites and the Lamanites.
And notwithstanding I being young,
I was large in stature;
therefore the people of Nephi appointed me
that I should be the leader of their armies.
Therefore in my sixteenth year
I did go forth at the head
of an army of the Nephites,
against the Lamanites;
and notwithstanding the great destruction
which hung over my people,
they did not repent of their evil doings.
therefore there was blood and carnage...
and it was one complete revolution
throughout all the face of the land.

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