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Voicing/Instrumentation: Organ/Organ Accompaniment

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More about Brian Richey:
I have been ward organist for over twenty years. Recently, I decided to start arranging hymns during service to enchance the spirit and overall feeling of the sacrament service. It was during my mission to Salt Lake City that I came to know Mack Wilberg and his beautiful arrangements. I started looking forward to GC just so I could hear his new music. Then Ryan Murphy came along and the music became better and better each conference. Just so everyone knows, what I do is write arrangements for each Sunday to accompany the congregation as they sing and I share it with you. My goal is to have my own hymn book. I'm at about 100/350 so far. Thanks to Jim Kasen, with or without his encouragement or scolding critiques, I wouldn't be doing this. I hope you enjoy. P.S. I've been doing this for about 3 years now. Its obvious which ones I did 3 years ago and what I'm doing now. With the new Musescore 4, I'm sure the pieces will become more and more dynamic.
Song background:

First off, this was done last summer. Two things I learned, don't have a introduction that does not end on the notes they're expecting like at the end of a hymn. Second, don't change keys midway through the last verse. It throws everyone off. So, I have taken away the key change and placed this back in the original key of D. I tried to be nice and drop it down so everyone could comfortably sing it but there was too much backlash. It was orginally dedicated to Jacob, my son's former bearded dragon that drowned at someone's home and after two hours of trying to revive it, it actually came back to life (after I finished the piece). He lived and today my daughter's axolotl, Charlie, passed away. So, this piece is dedicated to Charlie- rest in peace. 

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