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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Eternal Life/Exaltation
A Cappella/Optional A Capella

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More about G. Campbell Fitzhugh:
Became a seeker of Conservative Anabaptism while in college. Member of a Conservative Mennonite church. Interest in composing hymn tunes for existing lyrics and writing descants to fit above four-part choral settings.
Song background:

An evening hymn.  Lyrics by Gerhard Tersteegen (1697-1769), translated by Emma Frances Bevan in "Hymns of Ter Steegen, Suso, and Others" (1894).  Music composed by GCF, 2021.

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Lyrics: The evening comes, the sun is sunk and gone, <br/>And all things lie in stillness and in rest. <br/>And thou my soul, for thee one rest alone <br/>Remaineth ever on the Father’s breast. <br/> <br/>The wanderer now rests each weary limb; <br/>Birds to their nests return from heath and hill; <br/>The sheep are gath’red from the pastures dim: <br/>In Thee, my God, my restless heart is still. <br/> <br/>Lord, gather from the regions dim and far <br/>Desires and thoughts that wandered far from Thee; <br/>To home and rest lead on, O guiding Star <br/>No other home or nest but God for me. <br/> <br/>The daily toil of this worn body done, <br/>The spirit for untiring work is strong; <br/>Still hours of worship and of love begun, <br/>Of blessed vision and eternal song. <br/> <br/>In darkness and in silence still and sweet, <br/>With blessed awe my spirit feels Thee near, <br/>Within the Holiest, worships at Thy feet: <br/>Speak Thou and silence all my soul to hear. <br/> <br/>To Thee my heart as incense shall arise; <br/>Consum’d upon Thine altar all my will. <br/>Love, praise, and peace, an evening sacrifice, <br/>And in the Lord I rest and I am still.
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