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Motherhood/Mother's Day/Sisterhood
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More about Donnalynn Grunewald:
Most of my music is original. Because I have lived in small branches for most of my life, I try to write songs that can be performed by a small group or a choir of inexperienced singers.
Song background:

This is a solo written for the Relief Society Sesquicentennial Celebration in 1992. It has been featured as the theme song for “A New You” at BYU-Hawaii and has been enjoyed by women around the world.

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Lyrics: Who is my sister? Who will share with me the challenges and joys of this society?
The work is there for someone. Who will hearken to the call?
Together we are strong and we may comfort one and all.

Chorus: And all around the world we are gathering as one:
The sisterhood of Zion, and our story’s just begun.
Speaking many tongues, and in a hundred different lands -
The sisterhood of Zion – hand in hand.

I see my sister, there on bended knee, in a humble cottage with her family.
Though her roof is thatching, and though her floors are bare
I know that I could step inside and feel the Spirit there.


Another sister, speaking foreign words. Teaching in a language I have never heard.
But when she comes toward me and reaches out her hand
She speaks the universal tongue of love – I understand.


Hands – reaching out across the waves, across the land.
reaching out to heal, to bond, to understand.

I see my sisters, as different as can be and yet, we can rejoice in our diversity.
For though we are so different, our purpose is the same:
To strengthen one another and to serve in Heaven’s name.

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