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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Kevin G. Pace:
KEVIN G. PACE is an award-winning composer and musician. He has written numerous works in many different genres including music for choir, beginning to advanced piano solo, and piano duet and chamber music. His music ranges from sacred to blues to boogie to classical/romantic to modern. Kevin has a degree in music composition from the University of Utah. He also has two degrees in special education. He lives with his lovely wife and large Golden Retriever in West Jordan, Utah. His hobbies include writing music, playing the piano, running, and spending time with his family. He has six children and 19 grandchildren.
Song background:

A beautiful, original hymn about the hope of a resurrection.  Text by Mark R. Fotheringham.  Music by Kevin G. Pace

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Lyrics: When the Apostles of our Lord lost their Master to the mob and sword,
They heard lying tongues falsely testify, stood helpless as He was crucified,
Laid Him in the tomb with a stone to keep, with hearts forlorn to wail and weep.
Soon they would welcome their glorious King, bringing hope to the promise of Spring.

When the wind whispers Autumn's chill and the rain paints all in gray until
The last leaf falls from the maple's hand as the sun retreats from the windswept land.
Oh, the Winter snow takes your breath away, as night comes on and down you lay.
Dream of the Summer's bright days, but sing, "I will hope in the promise of Spring."

No sleep from which you can't awake, nor no darkness which you can't forsake.
The stone rolled away is a promise sure of His love and blessing if we endure.
For the day will come when you stand again, and rescued there from both death and sin,
Praise to the Lord who has done this thing, given life to the promise of Spring.
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