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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSA

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Relief Society/Sisterhood/Women

Comments for this piece:
From Rebecca : This sounds really pretty, but where are the vocal parts? It's listed SSA but all I see here is words with piano parts.
3.0 stars.

From Liz: Such a pretty piano accompaniment to this song. We sang it as a SA duet and it was gorgeous! It is written in the exact same key as the hymn book so we just used the hymn book for out vocal parts. vs 1 is melody only which starts as the alto line then switches to the soprano line. Then v. 2 & 3 we sang the soprano and alto parts together. Just listen to it and it will make sense :).
5.0 stars.

More about Anne Britt:
Anne and her husband currently lives in Keizer, Oregon. After raising an awesome blended family of six children, they are now enjoying the empty-nester life. Anne grew up in a musical family in southern Oregon and took to the piano at a young age. As an adult, she enjoys collaborating with other musicians of all ages at Linfield University, local high schools, and in the community. Anne has also discovered a talent for composing music. She has always enjoyed listening to and playing music in a wide variety of styles, and now she’s able to carry that into her writing as well, experimenting with everything from New Age and classical to boogie-woogie, swing, funk, and gospel blues. She likes the challenge of taking a simple, familiar tune and putting a new twist on it to give it a different feel. And composing allows her to take an experience from life and capture the sights, sounds, and emotions of it in music in order to relive the experience and share it with others. In addition to music, Anne likes to play pickleball and wallyball, hike, go on bike rides, and bake delicious goodies to make up for the calories she burns doing those other things. She hopes to stay active to a very old age so she can continue to explore the amazing places around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. To listen to Anne’s music or browse her growing collection of sheet music, visit her website: annebrittmusic.com Download free sheet music selections!
Song background:

An alternate piano accompaniment for "The Lord is my Shepherd" song from the hymnbook.

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