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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSA, Piano Solo, Trio

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Savior/Jesus Christ

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More about Debbie Wood:
How I love my mother, Brenda; my very first teacher in life. When I was eight, I had a desire to learn to play the piano and she began teaching me about the different notes. Then in Jr. High, my music teacher, Marvin Hill, understood the power of chords, and in one month, changed my life. Over the years, I've written different songs, both upon request, and to express the emotion I was feeling at the time. Each of these songs has a story of how it was written. (Which can also be found at www.power-plus-learning.com/debbs-music/) Each of these songs I dedicate to our loving Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know They live. I know They love us perfectly and give us gifts and talents to share with others and make this world a better place. How grateful I am to Them for all I've been blessed with.
Song background:

In the early 1980s, I accompanied a trio of sisters that included Jane Dunford, Willie Dunford, and Lydia Evans (who later retired and was replaced by Liz Dunford).  These trios performed a beautiful Christmas Program throughout different parts of Utah.  At one of our practices, they requested we warm up by singing "The First Noel."

While playing the chorus as an introduction, I hit a wrong chord.  When I heard it, I loved it and felt I could do something with it.  After practice, I went home and replayed through the song with that chord. It wasn't long before a new beginning had been created and this new version of "The First Noel" came to be.

(This song was recorded by the Dunford sisters while I was on my mission. The accompanist was unable to play the song as it was written - an octave higher to begin and with many notes and chords at the end, but it will give you an idea of how it could sound anyway.)

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