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Voicing/Instrumentation: Choir Unison, Primary Children/Primary Solo, Young Men Voices, Young Women Voices, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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Comments for this piece:
From Kevin: We did this for Christmas last year. It is a very, very song.
5.0 stars.

More about Michelle Willis:
Michelle is an accomplished composer and arranger who has received over a dozen awards from the LDS Church Music Submission contest. Michelle earned her bachelor's degree in Music Education from Boise State University and is the conductor of the Kensington Symphony Orchestra in the Salt Lake Valley. Michelle is a music specialist at Early Light Academy teaching music to K-6 as well as band and orchestra to 7-9 grade. Michelle has written over 100 pieces and has had her music performed all over the world as well as the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
Song background:

Suitable for Christmas and nativity programs. Music and lyrics written by Michelle Willis. Piano or harp accompaniment. The song begins with the cry of the baby Jesus and transitions to the cry of the Shepherd in the garden, then the cross and lastly his cry to His children to follow Him.

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Lyrics: Still is the night, quiet the stable.
Though it is late, I hear a cry;
The cry of the Shepherd tiny and feeble.
Though the voice is a baby, the call is from on high.

Decades have passed, dark is the garden.
Under a tree I hear a cry;
The cry of the Shepherd—begging God pardon
All our sins if we seek Him and to His bosom fly.

High on a hill, bruised and broken,
Up on a cross I hear a cry;
The cry of the Shepherd, last words now spoken,
“Father, into Thy hands my spirit draweth nigh.”

Jesus is Lord! Honor I give Him!
Through all my days I’ve heard His cry;
The cry of the Shepherd, calling His children
To return to His fold and dwell with Him on High.
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