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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSAA

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Motherhood/Mother's Day/Sisterhood

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More about Grace Hegy:
Grace has been singing since she was 3. She studied voice and composition at BYU. Since then she has been a featured soloist for many events and many different genres. She enjoy composing for special events, herself, her daughters and her to sing together and the ward choir. She is currently working on a CD project with her original songs.
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Lyrics: My child, my child so sweet and mild. You remind me of the child so long ago. In Bethlehem's stall, the lord of all slept as Mary sang sweet and low. Lulee, Lulay, Lulay, Lulee. Sweet Mary sang her son to sleep. Lulay, Lulee the world would see this baby was our king. As I rock my child and sing a lullaby, I think how Mary must have felt that day. Her son belonged to all the world but hers for only today. Lulee, Lulay, Lulay, Lulee. Still Mary sang this melody. Lulee,Lulay, Lulay, Lulee. I sing my love to thee.
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