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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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More about Adrienne Foster Potter:
--Majored in Music Theory/Composition at U of U and BYU. Studied under Lowell Durham. --Wrote first song at age 16. --Plays guitar, sings, plays piano, bass, and organ. --Published first songs online in 1995. ----Have had songs performed in various wards and stakes around the country and for regional YA events. Writer, artist, and musician who likes to do projects involving all three of these venues. She has published 9 books on Amazon.com as well as many illustrated, free stories at www.kidsread.info.
Song background:

While looking at the starry sky one night as we all do sometimes, I wondered if the stars remembered the birth of Jesus. Then I wondered if the wind, the trees, and the animals remembered it. I thought I should give nature the chance to testify of Christ.

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Lyrics: VERSE 1: <br/>I spread my light around the baby, and lit the path for all to see; <br/>I shone so bright for Him who made me, who am I? --The Star of Galilee; <br/>I softly blew behind the donkey, to angel prayers I sighed amen; <br/>I gently blew the joyful message, Who am I? --The breeze of Bethlehem. <br/>CHORUS: <br/>I was there! I saw the King! Listen as my song I sing! <br/>All who hear my words will know, I did see His holy glow. <br/>VERSE 2: <br/>I gave my shade to weary travelers and birds who sang their lullabies; <br/>I sheltered shepherds on their journey, Who am I? --A tree so old and wise. <br/>I felt the feet of Joseph walking, I felt the holy baby's birth, <br/>I swallowed up the tears that fell there, Who am I? --The ground that fills the earth.
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