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Voicing/Instrumentation: 2 part choir, Duet, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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More about Debbie Wood:
How I love my mother, Brenda; my very first teacher in life. When I was eight, I had a desire to learn to play the piano and she began teaching me about the different notes. Then in Jr. High, my music teacher, Marvin Hill, understood the power of chords, and in one month, changed my life. Over the years, I've written different songs, both upon request, and to express the emotion I was feeling at the time. Each of these songs has a story of how it was written. (Which can also be found at www.power-plus-learning.com/debbs-music/) Each of these songs I dedicate to our loving Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know They live. I know They love us perfectly and give us gifts and talents to share with others and make this world a better place. How grateful I am to Them for all I've been blessed with.
Song background:

Growing up, I had often heard a beautiful song that every time I heard it, I could imagine nature scenes, like autumn leaves falling from the trees; or the view of the valley after a hike up the mountains;  or a sunny day with a gentle breeze and ocean waves gentle foaming against the sand as they hit the shore.  This song had it all.

One day in December 1998, this song came on the radio and the scripture in Ecclesiastes (chapter three) in the Bible entered my mind. "Of course!" I thought, "This is a song about seasons! That's perfect."

I immediately went to the piano and began my version of that song, with a blend of thoughts that came from Ecclesiastes: "To everything there is a season..." January 1999, "Seasons and Times" was completed.  To this day, I don't know the name of the song to give the credit to besides the inspiration I received from Ecclesiastes for the creation of "Seasons and Times."  (If it sounds familiar to you and you know the name of the other song, let me know and I will update this explanation.)

(Sorry for this midi .mp3 - it makes it seem like this song has no feeling, pauses or slowing of any kind. I hope to do a better recording, but for now this will give you an idea of how it sounds.)

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Lyrics: Chorus: To everything there is a season, and this truth you'll find. Every purpose under heaven has a season and a time.

(Spring) A time for birth (trying something new); a time to try (finding what is true);
A time for faith and hope, a time to discover why (discover how and why);
(Summer) A time for war (battles to be fought); a time to serve (giving all you've got);
A time to work through trials and patiently endure.

Chorus: To everything there is a season, and this truth you'll find. Every purpose under heaven has a season and a time.

(Winter) A time for peace (meditate and pray); a time to mourn (sadness fades away);
A time to reevaluate, time to mend what's torn (time to mend what's torn).
(Autumn) A time to build (watch how much you grow); a time to reap (harvest what you sow);
A time of gratitude for blessings you get to keep.

Chorus: To everything there is a season, and this truth you'll find. Every purpose under heaven has a season and a time... Time that's mine!

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