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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Comments for this piece:
From Jeannie Saunders: Although this song is very well suited for children to sing and has a light and happy tone, it almost seems too light for the actual message and burden of the weight of the role and message Samuel would have given the people. The Irish tone does not seem to fit with the actual time and place Samuel would have lived. Having said that I believe children would love singing the song because it is fun and upbeat. It turns it into a fun story. I like the message that Samuel did not stop. Very good words.
3.0 stars.

Song background:

I don’t remember what gave me the idea to put the beloved video’s words to music but I’ve had a blast writing an Irish sounding tune. I’ve never put music to a story before, so it’s fun to say I have a ballad on my repertoire.

The story of Samuel comes from Helaman 13-15 in the Book of Mormon. I have a testimony of this book. It has drawn me close to the Savior. I am so grateful for Him and how through Him alone, I can be saved. He truly is The Light of the world.

Also, I was amazed at how often the message of listening to prophet came up in this last General Conference. After hearing that theme, and playing this song again, it touched me even more of how blessed we are to have a prophet. I’ll add my testimony to those of the apostles and other church leaders, that God reveals His will for the church to prophets. As we follow the prophets with more exactness, we will be protected and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, because they guide us to Him.


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Lyrics: Many ancient years ago, and far across the sea, a man of God named Samuel gave a prophecy. <br/> <br/>He told the people many things about our Savior’s birth. He spoke to them of Jesus Christ, and how He’d come to earth. <br/> <br/>The people didn’t listen. Their hearts were full of doubt. So they took Samuel to the city gate and threw him out. <br/> <br/>But Samuel would not give up. He had to let them know. He climbed atop the city wall and called to them below. <br/>-------------- <br/>Chorus: <br/> <br/>“In just five years the Lord will come, upon a starlit night, to save mankind from all their sins, and give the world His light.” <br/> <br/>“And even though it’s in five years, and though it’s far away, the sun will set, the night begin, but be as bright as day.” <br/>---------------- <br/>The people fumed and stomped their feet. They said no Christ would come. <br/> <br/>They flung their stones. Their arrows flew. They missed him, every one. <br/> <br/>The faithful waited, breathlessly, in hopes they would behold—the star, the light, the promises, more precious far than gold. <br/> <br/>Chorus <br/> <br/>Bridge: <br/>Then in five years, in Bethlehem, Christ lay in a manger stall. They saw the light and knew He’d come, their Savior, Lord of all. <br/> <br/>And as it always comes to pass, when prophets are so bold, the Lord fulfills His promises, like Samuel’s made of old.
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