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Voicing/Instrumentation: Choir Unison, Primary Children/Primary Solo, Young Men Voices, Young Women Voices

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Vocal Solo Medium Voice/Low Voice
Savior/Jesus Christ

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More about Laura Sonderegger:
I am the kind of person who thrives on sunshine, sharing, singing, and smiles. For the past 8 years, I have coordinated a 9-woman SSA singing group called "Jubilation" which performs at retirement homes, senior centers, church luncheons and socials. In 7th grade, I won a "Reflections" contest for composing a piano score called "Dancing Snowflakes" and never composed again - until February 2019. During a study time with the Come Follow Me program on the topic of worship I felt a heartfelt desire to improve the quality of worship in my life. As I was reading Alma 26, where Ammon "glories in the Lord", I thought to myself, "This is what worship sounds like." I began jotting phrases down in my journal and had the thought that Ammon's words were so beautiful someone should put them to music. Instantly I could hear a melody in my head. I straightway went to my piano and plunked out the tune, capturing it on some lined paper. I found an on-line composing software and within an hour I had the clear outlines of the hymn. While I have worked to capture the grandeur of Ammon's words in the score, the words never varied from what I originally wrote down. Since then I have added 10 additional scores with music and lyrics - both hymns and primary songs. Everything changed for me that day. I discovered a previously unearthed talent Heavenly Father wants me to develop and share. My personal worship has dramatically changed because the scriptures and words of the prophets sound melodic to me and I yearn to capture the words through song so they can more fully penetrate the heart and mind. As I work on each score, the message sinks deep into my soul and I know composing music for the Lord will continue to be a life-long joy and blessing.
Song background:

Like most people, I have pondered about the night of Jesus's birth and if I was there, what part would I have played. When I read that there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn, I wonder if there is room in my heart for him now.

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Lyrics: Verse 1: <br/>On that starry night, oh so long ago. Joseph and Mary had no place to go. <br/>Every door was closed, every heart was hard. So Jesus was born in a stable yard. <br/>There's no room in the inn for him. <br/>Chorus: <br/>I'll make room for him, let his love light in. I'll make room for him within. <br/>I'll make room for him, let my faith begin, to reflect His light, like the brightest star. <br/>Verse 2: <br/>Many saw a star shining in the sky. Only those who sought found the Christ nearby. <br/>Do my eyes seek Christ as I make my way? Do I keep Him close as I live each day? <br/>Is there room in my heart for Him? <br/>Chorus <br/>I'll make room in my heart for Him.
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