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Voicing/Instrumentation: SAB

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Flute Optional Obbligato/Flute Accompaniment

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More about Donnalynn Grunewald:
Most of my music is original. Because I have lived in small branches for most of my life, I try to write songs that can be performed by a small group or a choir of inexperienced singers.
Song background:

This piece was written during the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. I wouldn’t call this an “easy” song. There are lots of key changes and some unusual harmonies, but I really think it is worth the effort to learn. Be grateful that I didn’t keep it in its original key. It started out in C major, but went through F mj., Db mj and ended in Gb mj. At least the new arrangement ending in four sharps is a bit more manageable.

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Lyrics: Lord, have mercy on us all. <br/>Lord, have mercy on us all. <br/>We, Thy children of the latter day. <br/>Of the latter day. <br/> <br/>In this world of war and strife. <br/>In this world of war and strife, <br/>May we feel Thy Spirit ever near. <br/>Feel Thy Spirit near. <br/> <br/>Hold us in Thy loving hand. <br/>Hold us in Thy loving hand <br/>‘Till we know Thy everlasting peace. <br/>‘Till we know Thy peace. <br/> <br/>Lord, have mercy on us all. <br/>Lord, have mercy on us all. <br/>Amen.
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