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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo, Vocal Solo

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Violin Optional Obbligato/Violin Accompaniment

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More about Dawn Rose:
I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am the mother of eleven children and the grandmother of sixteen. My husband and I are the adoptive parents of seven African-American children. I have an internet business, since 2007, where I make and sell look-a-like dolls of children all over the world. Writing poetry is a lifelong joy; lately I am finding pleasure in the whimsical characters that have come to life in my children's poetry. Three of these poems have been published as children's books so far. I play guitar by ear and love to sing, and although I am not a pianist, with the new computer programs available I can compose the music I feel in my heart. I hope my music will be a blessing to some of you. Things I love: Music, literature, laughing children, the words of Christ, soft horse muzzles, and floppy dog ears.
Song background:

A Christmas or anytime song from a child's perspective. A friend might send a birthday invitation, they may come knock on the door and ask to play--perhaps games like "follow the leader." What makes a true friend?

My son, Jaron Rose co-arranged this piece.

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Lyrics: Jesus came for everyone, there wouldn't have been room <br/>For the shepherds and the wise men, and the animals in the Inn. <br/>He hung an invitation to His Birthday by the moon; <br/>A star to tell the whole wide world He came to be our Friend. <br/>Like a friend, He comes to us and knocks upon our door <br/>He says he wants to stay if our family will let Him in. <br/>He promises that there's amazing happiness in store <br/>For all who truly love Him and embrace Him as our friend. <br/>"Follow me," He says, "Do as I do, I am the way." <br/>If it’s dark, He lights the way to a pathway that will not bend. <br/>He'll lead us to a paradise where families can stay. <br/>And we’ll all want to be there with Him because He is our friend. <br/>Friends will always love you, and forgive you when you're wrong. <br/>You can trust that they will always stand beside you to the end. <br/>Jesus knows our hearts, he sees our tears, he hears our song. <br/>He believes in us -- He died for us, He is our truest friend. <br/>He believes in us, now He lives for us. <br/>Jesus is our truest friend. <br/>
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