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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSAATTBB

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Eternal Life/Exaltation
A Cappella/Optional A Capella

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Song background:

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This arrangement is in the key of C. It starts in C Minor (Aeolian), then progresses to C Dorian (mostly) for verse 3, C Mixolydian for verse 4, C Major (Ionian) for the chorus following verse 4, C Lydian for verse 5, then returns to C Minor for the final chorus. I wanted an arrangement that started in a minor key like the original hymn, and then went through progressively "brighter" modes before returning to end back in minor.

This text is originally in reference to the Children of Israel about to cross over into the land of Canaan. The larger metaphor and theme is one of progressing through mortality towards the hope and promise of heavenly life. With that larger context, I also envisioned this as applying to Mother Eve after her courageous choice to initiate mortality and commence the difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes miserable journey of growth, development, and progression by partaking of the forbidden fruit; her then entreating Adam to join her in that journey; and then also entreating us to choose to join with them and journey together on the path of growth, development and progression towards the hope and promise of heavenly life. On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand by Jason Hunsaker

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