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Voicing/Instrumentation: Cello Duet/Cello Ensemble Member(s), Piano Duet/Piano Ensemble, Violin Duet/Violin Ensemble Member(s)

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Comments for this piece:
From Mary Ann: Such a beautiful piece!
3.0 stars.

More about Don Sherwood:
Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Don is a father of 8 children and grandfather of 3 (so far). He studied music at Brigham Young University for a time before switching gears to pursue a career in Software Engineering, but has continued to be engaged in musical pursuits throughout his life, playing the cello or bass in many community symphonies over the years, and writing a number of hymn arrangements - mostly for ward and stake choirs. He serves now as choir director (for the 4th time) in his ward in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Song background:

A slow, mournful arrangement of the beautiful Christmas hymn. I tried to capture the spirit of the soul in bondage pleading for the advent of a Messiah to deliver it from its enemies - captive Israel from the Roman Empire - and mankind from the chains of Hell. It blends the rich low register of the violin with the resonant mid-range of the cello and the steady pulsing of the piano to weave an enchantment that lingers long after the music ends.

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