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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Choir Unison

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Song background:

Hymn lyrics by the Scottish presbyterian minister and poet, James Drummond Burns (1823-1864), also author of the well-known "Hushed Was the Evening Hymn", "Thy Song Be With Me",  "Still With Thee" and "This Night, O Lord, We Bless Thee".

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Lyrics: . <br/>1. O Thou whose sacred feet have trod <br/>The thorny path of woe <br/>Forbid that I should slight the rod, <br/>Or faint beneath the blow. <br/>My spirit to its chastening stroke <br/>I meekly would resign, <br/>Nor murmur at the heaviest yoke <br/>That tells me I am Thine. <br/> <br/>2. Give me the spirit of Thy trust <br/>To suffer as a son, <br/>To say, though lying in the dust, <br/>“My Father’s will be done!” <br/>I know that trial works for ends <br/>Too high for sense to trace, <br/>That oft in dark attire He sends <br/>Some embassy of grace. <br/> <br/>3. May none depart till I have gained <br/>The blessing which it bears, <br/>And learned, though late, I entertained <br/>An angel unawares. <br/>So shall I bless the hour that sent <br/>The mercy of the rod, <br/>And built an altar by the tents <br/>Where I have met with God.
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