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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Choir Unison

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Diligence/Commitment/Endure to End
Savior/Jesus Christ

Comments for this piece:
From linda hartman: Great quality....as always. Flawless doubling, voice leading, and chord progressions. Boy am I missing the choir practices and performance. Would love to su use this, given a chance later on. Best Wishes.
5.0 stars.

Song background:

The text was included in the first LDS hymn book (1835) compiled by Emma Smith, and also 'A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe', also known as the 'Manchester Hymnal', (1840). The author of this hymn is unknown. However, it has been attributed to William W. Phelps who was greatly involved in these early hymnals - either writing new hymns or editing existing ones to align with gospel doctrine.

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Lyrics: .
1. O Jesus, the giver of all we enjoy,
Our lives to Thy honour we wish to employ;
With praises unceasing we’ll sing of Thy name;
Thy goodness increasing, Thy love we’ll proclaim.

2. With joy we remember the dawn of that day,
When cold as December in darkness we lay;
The sweet invitation we heard with surprise,
And witnessed salvation flow down from the skies.

3. The wonderful name of Jesus we’ll sing,
And publish the fame of our Captain and King.
With sweet exultation His goodness we prove;
His name is salvation His nature is love.

4. We now are enlisted in Jesus’ bless'd cause.
Divinely assisted to conquer our foes:
His grace will support us till conflicts are o’er,
He then will escort us to Zion’s bright shore.

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