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Song background:

There is a song "Thou Gracious God" that is one of my favorites. It is written in 3/4 time. My song is patterned after that one as I was trying to figure out how to write in that time signature. The tune needed lyrics that were heartfelt.  The lyrics are from actual remembrances from my childhood. Each of these memories have combined to make Idaho the special place it is to me.

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Lyrics: The glorious dawn, <br/>The glistening dew, <br/>The air is chilled and clean and new, <br/>The meadow lark sings in morning glow, <br/>This is my home, my Idaho. <br/> <br/>The dancing wind, <br/>The bowing grain, <br/>The perfumed air right after rain, <br/>The starry night with its dazzling show, <br/>This is my home, my Idaho. <br/> <br/>Time passes by, And I have changed. <br/>Yet my love for this place remains. <br/>No matter how far away I go, <br/>This is my home, My Idaho. <br/>Always my home, my Idaho.
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