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Voicing/Instrumentation: Duet, Primary Children/Primary Solo, Trio

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Song background:

THe words tell of the many ways a Priesthood father can bless his child as they grow up in the gospel .


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Lyrics: My Daddy's hands were big and soft as he blessed me. <br/>He gave to me my earthly name and blessings heavenly. <br/>My Daddy's hands work hard all day to provide for me <br/>But I like most my Daddy's hands to hold me on his knee. <br/>CHORUS <br/>That's why I love my Daddy. I know he loves me too. <br/>We both love Heavenly Father and love His gospel true. <br/> <br/>My Daddy's hands were safe and strong as he baptized me <br/>and laid his hands upon my head with authority. <br/>My Daddy's hands are gently place upon me when I'm ill <br/>I know that when he prays for me I will soon be well. <br/>CHORUS <br/>My Daddy's hands are big and strong, rough but gentle too, <br/>for after he's worked hard all day he does things we like to do. <br/>My Daddy's hands are firm but kind when I disobey. <br/>He teaches God's great plan to me and guides me on my way.
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