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Voicing/Instrumentation: SA

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Motherhood/Mother's Day/Sisterhood

Comments for this piece:
From Susan Bonner: My Mother My Daughter..The Greatest Mothers Day that will be in my heart forever the day my daughter, Jennie sang with me in public this beautiful song written by the Blessed talent that is Janice Kapp Perry. This Lady has truly been given a gift from God. This,as with every one of the songs she has shared speakes to everybody. They are truly inspirational. I was Blessed to meet with Janice at a Church funtion when a mutual friend broght me to meet her. I was so nervous, I had sung in public most of her music and taught her songs to many young people. I love,LOVE her music. She is a lovely Lady.She gave me one of her CD's,I was so honored. Thank you Dear Sister Perry. I hope we meet again. Your talent has saved a broken heart,healed a sad Spirit,and brightened my Soul. Thank you.
5.0 stars.

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My Mother, My Daughter (by Janice Kapp Perry, Church Publications)

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