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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Motherhood/Mother's Day/Sisterhood

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Song background:

I wrote this song specifically for my grandma Asay. She was a wonderful women that I always respected and loved. I look forward to seeing her again after this life.

My Eternal Friend (by Lindy Kerby)

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Lyrics: My dear Grandma, <br/>you're my hero and friend <br/>How I've been blessed knowing you <br/>All the mem'ries, I'll forever embrace <br/>thinking of time spent with you. <br/> <br/>You're my eternal friend <br/>someday we'll meet again <br/>a reunion, I don't ever want to end <br/>Of the people I know <br/>you are one that I hold dear <br/>and I treasure all of the times <br/>we've spent each year <br/>it's a mission to be like you each day <br/>my grandma, my eternal friend. <br/> <br/>I have mem'ries <br/>of the one that you loved <br/>the laughter was hard to ignore, <br/>I remember all the love that you shared <br/>You'll be glad to be with him once more <br/> <br/>You're his eternal friend <br/>I know you'll meet again <br/>A reunion that will not ever end <br/>He'll be there by your side <br/>always wrapped in your embrace <br/>He will with you reside <br/>keeping smiles on your face <br/>it's your mission to be with him someday <br/>His sweetheart and eternal friend <br/> <br/>My dear sister, heaven waits by your side <br/>beckoning friends want you home <br/>and right near you are the ones who must stay <br/>hoping to greet you someday <br/> <br/>You're our eternal friend <br/>I know we'll meet again <br/>a reunion that will not ever end <br/>all the people you've known <br/>waiting there for you to come <br/>it's our hope and dream of awaiting everyone <br/>It's our mission to be with you someday <br/>our sister, my grandma, a mother, a daughter <br/>his sweetheart, and my eternal friend.
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