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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, SSATTB, Cantata/Choir Full Program/Play

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Song background:

So, with the only original inbetween story burned  by an arsonist, I had to repent and pray again.  After awhile, I received those self same words as before--no crossouts, no erors, and without stopping. But the project just sat there, unwanted,   unperformed.  The one time I worked on it and made large paper mache animals to look at as I played a a tape of it for a ward Christmas party, it was blizzard out.  A few years later when praying to ask if the Lord had anything special for me to do with my limited energy, I was told to get drawing and turn it into a book.    I balked at this.  I was working on a children's book about an alien alphabet but did not consider myself much of an artist. (If you mess up on a drawing of an alien --no one can tell!) I balked at this  project sayig," You need a good artist Lord."  In July an Lds lecturer said a phrase that burned into my heart: "When we tell the Lord no, we are saying that we know more than He does."  I went home and started work.    I learned a major art computer program and finished the book with the help of a daughter by late November. I'm calling that a miracle!  I am not good with computers!!!!!  (The next book took two years.)  The paper mache' animals were used in the book as well as the original middle part of the story.

This is the final song. It is sung by full choir,  SATB or SSATTB

The book "Miracle of the Least" can be found on Amazon.com


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