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Voicing/Instrumentation: Orchestra

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Joseph Smith

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Lyrics: 3-4 Recitative <br/>YOUNG <br/>Brother Rigdon, will you speak? Then I will. <br/>RIGDON <br/>I visit the Saints and offer myself to you as a guardian. I had a vision at Pittsburgh, June 27th. This Church must be built up to Joseph; there must be revelation still. The martyred Prophet is still the head of this Church. I have been a spokesman to Joseph, and I was commanded to speak for him. The church is not disorganized though our head is gone. <br/>I want to build up the Church unto Joseph; and if the people want me, I propose to be a guardian to the people; in this I have done what God has commanded me. <br/>YOUNG <br/>Attention all! <br/>For the first time in the kingdom of God in the 19th century, we are without a Prophet at our head. The Quorum of the Twelve, as Apostles of Jesus Christ unto this generation, come before you to lead the kingdom of God in the last days. <br/>Until now, we have walked by sight, not by faith, with the Prophet in our midst, and without much pleading to the Lord to know whether things were right. <br/>We had a prophet of the Lord to speak to us, but he has sealed his testimony with his blood, and now for the first time, we are called to walk by the abiding faith he gave us.
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