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Voicing/Instrumentation: ST, TBB, Orchestra

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Lyrics: (Scene: Conference of the Church on August 8, 1844. 7 of the Ouorum of the Twelve are seated on the stage. YOUNG and RIGDON are greeting the people as they arrive. The stage is as follows: <br/> <br/>[Cast Members (on audience's left) and CHORUS (on audience's right) - after they enter later in the act - at first they are in the first row(s) of the audience] <br/> <br/>Quorum of 12 (on audience's left) - only 7 members are present at this meeting - John Taylor was recovering from wounds inflicted at Carthage, and 3 others were travelling to Nauvoo <br/> <br/>Speaker <br/>(no podium, stands facing audience) <br/> <br/>(Edge of stage) <br/> <br/>Audience - first row(s) reserved for the singers <br/> <br/>The scene opens as NANCY, FORBES, ANDERSON, and CLAYTON come onstage. There seems to be a happy agreement among them.) <br/> <br/>3-2.1 Scene <br/>ANDERSON <br/>Then we are agreed. <br/>CLAYTON <br/>Yes. <br/>(They approach Rigdon and Young.) <br/>Good day, Brother Rigdon; good day, Brother Young. <br/>ANDERSON (To Young) <br/>Will you speak this afternoon? <br/>YOUNG <br/>Yes, the Lord willing. <br/>ANDERSON <br/>It may rain; there is some shelter under the trees where we can listen to you. Everyone who can has come. <br/>YOUNG <br/>I am grateful. <br/>FORBES <br/>But the speaker's stand is in the open, and you have no mantle. <br/>(To ANDERSON) <br/>I believe you have one, Brother Anderson. <br/> (ANDERSON offers the mantle, which billows forth.) <br/> <br/> YOUNG <br/>Brethren, I have stood in the rain before, but later, if I need it. <br/>Thank you. <br/> (YOUNG and RIGDON go to the rostrum. The audience murmurs, for they have seen the mantle. RIGDON, wearing a long coat, stands aloof. YOUNG shakes hands with the Quorum of the Twelve as ANDERSON, CLAYTON, Forbes, and NANCY talk among themselves.) <br/>FORBES <br/>I had to see. <br/>ANDERSON <br/>I believe you, Brother Stephen. It is he. <br/>The spirit glistens and stirs. <br/>The people stir under his hand; <br/>The Twelve seem as one. <br/>The people gather together as if for a great journey. <br/>An era is done; an era begins. Listen! <br/>NANCY <br/>The meeting begins. <br/>(The four take their place in the audience.)
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