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Voicing/Instrumentation: TB, Duet, Orchestra

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Joseph Smith

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Lyrics: 2-9 Scene <br/>YOUNG (Approaching) <br/>Will he never have his rest? <br/>He is brought to and fro, wandering in death. <br/>RIGDON <br/>We must be watchful, we must go secretly. <br/>Until a chapel can be built. <br/>YOUNG <br/>A chapel? <br/>RIGDON <br/>Where the Saints may come to honor their Prophet. <br/>YOUNG <br/>And did he leave us nothing? <br/>RIGDON <br/>We must guard what remains. <br/>YOUNG <br/>Nothing more? <br/>RIGDON <br/>At Kirtland the voices of the past rose behind the veil, <br/>As if carried in the arms of morning. <br/>Joseph spoke and the vision of time was upon him. <br/>Can that be again? What he received is ours. <br/>Let us keep him apart in Adam-ondi-ahman. <br/>Let us fulfill the promise of Canaan <br/>And rest in the land and remember him. <br/>YOUNG <br/>The Twelve remain. <br/>RIGDON <br/>What of the Twelve? We have Joseph. <br/>YOUNG <br/>They lead. The Church cannot remain here among its enemies. <br/>It will wither as the vine in the land of Joseph's death. <br/>RIGDON <br/>The voices come round me again. <br/>Here he lies, waiting for his peace <br/>When we have found ours. <br/>His enemies will know his quiet spirit <br/>That like a summer cloud gleams white <br/>Over the fields of Zion. This is the soft land, <br/>Where maize and grain fill our arms.
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