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Voicing/Instrumentation: TTB, Orchestra

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Joseph Smith

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Lyrics: 2-7 Scene <br/>ANDERSON <br/>I was not with the Prophet long. <br/>FORBES <br/>But you knew him. <br/>ANDERSON <br/>But now what? Where he is, the vision may also be. <br/>CLAYTON <br/>The sword is fashioned and tempered. <br/>We breathe the dust and remember. <br/>The Twelve remain. <br/>FORBES <br/>A quorum beside him. <br/>CLAYTON <br/>Whose hand becomes him? <br/>The light in the Temple came, <br/>The covenants came like the clarion of Moroni <br/>From the wilderness of Sidon: <br/>The ancient land was where he walked, <br/>The sky where he looked. <br/>The grain grew under his gaze, <br/>The silk of Canaan in his voice. <br/> ANDERSON <br/>We listened and forgot the world. <br/> CLAYTON <br/>His call was the ache of knowing <br/>The morning and evening of God <br/>As He walked in the upper room, <br/>And though we tried to call him young <br/>The elderly God opened our souls <br/>Like the green and wondering spring, <br/>And we could not speak for wonder, <br/>The faceted truths and imperishable love. <br/> ANDERSON <br/>We gave ourselves to the god he saw <br/>And witnessed God in us as Joseph lived, <br/>But now his body declines to dust, <br/>His hand invites the bone. <br/>FORBES <br/>And shall he live in us as we go? <br/>We leave the fields and cities, lost in ourselves. <br/> ANDERSON <br/>The Twelve remain. <br/>FORBES <br/>We are lost to him.
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