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Voicing/Instrumentation: Orchestra, Trio

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Vocal Solo High Voice/Soprano
Joseph Smith

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Lyrics: 2-5 Aria <br/> MOB <br/>Bury ole Joe! <br/> (They begin kicking at the coffin.) <br/>ANDERSON <br/>Hold there! <br/> (He faces one of the non-Mormons whose hands are raised. Slowly, deliberately, he takes the man's hands and forces him to his knees.) <br/>He has had enough. I cannot bear that. <br/> (His voice is filled with grief.) <br/>I hear his voice in the upper room, <br/>Calling... by the Susquehanna, calling... <br/>And he shall bear no more. <br/>I ask you to move me aside; <br/>I beg of you, test me! <br/>Let me have your hand, <br/>And I shall pour you full of my history. <br/>From Norge, the chain mail and the ship <br/>Over the North Sea, I shall find you <br/>And bring you down... <br/>Mark how the temperate air of my friend <br/>Stays him but not me, how the level sword <br/>Moves from side to side... <br/>I ask you, grip me, and I shall feel <br/>The helm again and the broad release of the sea... <br/>Westward I move, breathing the test <br/>Of the landward storms, and the gulls <br/>Hovering over the foamed water... <br/>I ask you, again, and l shall be free. <br/>FORBES <br/>Brother Anderson, <br/>They may go now. <br/> (The mob disperses, but a few skulk on the periphery.)
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