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Voicing/Instrumentation: TTB, Orchestra, Trio

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Joseph Smith

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Lyrics: 2-4 Scene and Taunts of Mob <br/>2nd OF MOB <br/>And Joe said, let there be a vision, and there was a vision. <br/>1st OF MOB <br/>Church, church; we got a church! Sprinkle me and deal me queens! My luck ain't so good. <br/>2nd OF MOB <br/>Let's us elders play cards on ole Joe! <br/>FORBES <br/>(Beckoning them away, but they move only slightly.) <br/>Leave us. The Church is the Missouri. <br/>CLAYTON <br/>All is well. <br/>Out of the pall of Europe the word of God came, <br/>Saying here, here shall be the veil of Him <br/>Through whom I speak; but now in the wide gaze <br/>Of the sky, we whisper of prayer in the grove. <br/>A hundred wings rise from the river and vanish <br/>Beyond the plain, and the wagons wander <br/>In Eden but find no home.
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