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Voicing/Instrumentation: ST, Orchestra

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Joseph Smith

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Lyrics: 1-10 Scene <br/> (Everyone leaves but Clayton. He is about to go when Nancy approaches from another direction.) <br/> <br/> CLAYTON <br/>Nancy! Why have you come? You should be home. <br/> NANCY (Breathless) <br/>Brother Clayton, what has happened? <br/>I came because I saw some men behind your house. <br/>Then our fields became a wind of flame! <br/>Our crops are gone. Where is Joseph? <br/> CLAYTON (In growing despair) <br/>Stephen found him before the Carthage Jail, where he died -- <br/> (Nancy hides her face and quietly sobs.) <br/>To fulfill his prophecy in innocence before the slack arms of his people. <br/>The Greys shot him.
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