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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Donnalynn Grunewald:
Most of my music is original. Because I have lived in small branches for most of my life, I try to write songs that can be performed by a small group or a choir of inexperienced singers.
Song background:

This Christmas piece features a tenor/baritone duet in the opening lines and asks “Where can I find Christmas?” The melody is a bit on the “pop” music side because of the rhythms but it would be a lovely addition to a fireside or musical program.

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Lyrics: Where can I find Christmas? <br/>Peace on earth is gone. <br/>No good will toward mankind. <br/>No joyous angel song. <br/> <br/>Where can I find Christmas? <br/>The world has gone astray. <br/>To these humble, searching hearts I say: <br/> <br/>Look beyond the glamour in the window of the store. <br/>Look behind the crowds of people clamoring for more; <br/>Look beyond the glitter to a place and time afar. <br/>To find the meaning of Christmas – look beneath the star. <br/> <br/>Look to Bethlehem and see the shepherds watching there, <br/>Wondr’ing at the hosts of heaven hover’ing in the air. <br/>See the star of glory and follow it afar. <br/>To find the meaning of Christmas – look beneath the star. <br/> <br/>Beneath the star you’ll see a baby. <br/>The Prince of Peace, this infant small. <br/>Beneath the star you’ll find salvation for all. <br/> <br/>Look within the stable to the Babe of Bethlehem. <br/>Look to Him, the Son on God, the King, the Great I Am. <br/>Come to Him, the Savior, ye people near and far. <br/>To find the meaning of Christmas – look beneath the star.
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