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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Guitar

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More about Dean H. Hamill:
Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance, secondary emphasis in composition; Master of Music degree. Taught music courses at several colleges. Creator of the first comprehensive video guitar lessons, Guitar Now! with Dean Hamill. director of various choirs throughout Southern California and Oregon.
Song background:

For Christmas programs, this is a delightful, short work for mixed choir with easy Classical Guitar accompaniment. A quick learn and suitable for church, high school and college choirs. Several key changes add interest to the ostinato accompaniment. Two versions are published here, the other with same choral parts but with piano accompaniment. Duration approximately 2 min. 35 sec. (Originally composed for and performed by the Grand Land Singers for their Christmas concerts in 1976, it quickly became a favorite of many of the performers and was a real crowd pleaser.)  Please be sure to leave your comments if you perform the work.  I can be reached at dean.hamill@hushmail.com.

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Lyrics: Listen, listen hear the angel voices sing to the shepherds,
Come and worship, unto you is born this day a babe, your heav'nly king.

Father now has blessed us greatly sending us His Holy Son,
To fulfill the law of Moses, there can be no other one.

Promises and prophecies of ages past He shall fulfill.
Born this night, our Savior, Jesus; peace He brings to those of good will.

Praise Him, praise Him, all mankind revere His name.
Raise your voices, sing in adoration Alleluia. The Son we now proclaim.
Alleluia (repeated numerous times)

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