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More about Anne Britt:
Anne currently lives in McMinnville, Oregon, with her husband and youngest daughter—the last of a blended family of six children. She grew up in a musical family in southern Oregon and took to the piano at a young age. As an adult, she enjoys accompanying at the local middle schools , high school, college, and community theater. Anne has also discovered a talent for composing music. She has always enjoyed listening to and playing music in a wide variety of styles, and now she’s able to carry that into her writing as well, experimenting with everything from New Age and classical to boogie woogie, swing, funk, and gospel blues. She likes the challenge of taking a simple, familiar tune and putting a new twist on it to give it a different feel. And composing allows her to take an experience from life and capture the sights, sounds, and emotions of it in music in order to relive the experience and share it with others. In addition to music, Anne likes to play pickleball and wallyball, hike, go on bike rides, and bake delicious goodies to make up for the calories she burns doing those other things. She hopes to stay active to a very old age so she can continue to explore the amazing places around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. To listen to Anne’s music or browse her growing collection of sheet music, visit her website: annebrittmusic.com Download free sheet music selections!
Song background:

This is an original vocal solo written by my friend, Donna Kuust.  To be more accurate, it was actually composed by a fictional character (Lela) in a novel she’s writing. In Donna’s own words, “Lela got the song so stuck in my brain that I simply HAD to get it on paper and record it.  I eventually came to the conclusion that it was a gift from Heavenly Father and thus I felt even more urged to get it out into the world if I could.” 4 pages, approximately 2:55. Piano accompaniment is early intermediate level. Special thanks to Hannah Terrell for recording the vocal demo.

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Lyrics: My world is a lonely place, <br/>While surrounded by those who would care. <br/>I always shove them away, say I cannot stay, <br/>For of love's pain I'm well aware. <br/> <br/>Love has the power to bind us, <br/>Love can wound and love can heal. <br/>Love can be given or accepted, <br/>Love I learned that I dare not feel. <br/> <br/>Free me from this awful torment. <br/>Help me risk the pain that comes. <br/>Show me love can be worth seeking, <br/>So we can be one. <br/> <br/>Take my hand when I'm lonely, <br/>I'll help you when you're down. <br/>When we learn how to give and take, <br/>Life holds fewer frowns. <br/> <br/>Love is the joy that we live for, <br/>Love is how we all came to be. <br/>Love is the end and beginning, <br/>Love is the only way to be free. <br/>Love is the only way to be free.
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