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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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More about Pamela Sortomme:
Pamela Sortomme has been writing music for over 35 years. She studied music and composition at BYU and Cal State U in Sacramento. Teaching children music from the age of12 she has also taught private music lessons in her studio for over 37 years, creating many themed musical programs and recitals. She has written music for local schools and accompanied for a high school choir. As a choir director she has arranged and written and directed music and many programs for ward and stake choirs. She has participated in local community choirs and Musical theater as a soloist. In 2019 Pamela directed a Bi-County Honor Choir in the Spokane Opera House. She has written music for children, piano, choir, some instrumental and chime music and shares her original and arranged music at her website www.soundsofsortomme.com. With her husband she has raised seven children.
Song background:

This song was written fro the baptism of a granchild.  I wanted my grandchildren to realize that Jesus himself was baptized and recieved the Holy Ghost following the will of God, our Heavenly Father.  We aslo can be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost just like Jesus and follow him by obeying God's will. Aslo when we make a mistake we can repent. 

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Lyrics: In Judea long ago to show the way, Jesus was baptized God's will to obey. <br/>Just like Jesus I can be baptized too. <br/>Now with holy priesthood power I am baptized. In the water my sins wash away. <br/>I can be clean and follow my Savior day by day. <br/>Now I can follow my Savior, I can do the things he did. <br/>I can repent when I make mistakes, and be forgiven to be clean again. <br/>From the water Jesus rose and from above, came the Holy Ghost like God a dove. <br/>Just like Jesus I can receive it too. <br/>Now with holy priesthood power the Holy Ghost given to me helps to guide my way. <br/> Promptings lead me to follow my Savior, day by day. <br/>Now I can follow my Savior, I can do the things he did. <br/>I can repent when I make mistakes and be forgiven to be clean again. <br/>Just like Jesus I will be baptized God's will to obey. <br/>Just like Jesus I will receive the Holy Ghost to guide me every day. <br/>
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