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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Michael K. Rollins!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Organ/Organ Accompaniment, Piano Duet/Piano Ensemble, Trumpet

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Choir with Congregation together in certain spots
Piano 4-hand as accompaniment

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More about Michael K. Rollins:
MICHAEL K. ROLLINS is a humble data scientist by weekday, but moonlights as a pianist, conductor, and arranger. His musical preferences include musical theatre, traditional jazz, classical, and sacred. This musical side career got a start by accompanying church choirs and congregations at the age of 12, and founding a barbershop quartet and leading choirs at 18. At 26, he added “conduct a musical theatre pit orchestra” on his bucket list. Within a month, he got the phone call to do so! Luckily, there are still other items on his bucket list. Now married to a singer, they enjoy creating music together at home and church. Thanks mom for all the lessons!
Song background:

Have you played all the Sally Deford Christmas songs with combined organ/piano and you're looking for more? This arrangement of "Joy to the World" calls for 4 hands on piano and 2 hands on organ--plus optional trumpets! The piano and trumpet parts are available as a PDF here, and the organist plays hymn #201 from the hymnal.

This arrangement (more of an instrumental add-on) is designed to supplement a congregational singing of the song: there's no devations from the original chords or rhythms that would confuse a congregation. We've done this in 3 different wards to great success, but have learned that the trumpets may overwhelm a smaller congregation. En-joy!

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