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Voicing/Instrumentation: Clarinet, Piano Duet/Piano Ensemble

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More about Don Sherwood:
Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Don is a father of 8 children and grandfather of 3 (so far). He studied music at Brigham Young University for a time before switching gears to pursue a career in Software Engineering, but has continued to be engaged in musical pursuits throughout his life, playing the cello or bass in many community symphonies over the years, and writing a number of hymn arrangements - mostly for ward and stake choirs. He serves now as choir director (for the 4th time) in his ward in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Song background:

This is adapted from the traditional Welsh melody Suo Gan. The lyrics portray Joseph singing the newborn Christ child to sleep, and expressing his faith that the baby Jesus is truly the Son of God, and the Savior of the world.

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Lyrics: Hush, my baby, Mary's sleeping.
Child of heaven, Son of God.
You have come to free your people.
You were born to conquer death.
Rest now softly on my bosom,
Child of heaven, Son of God.

Sleep, my darling, have no worries.
One day you will be a King.
All the world is full of turmoil.
All the world is full of sin.
Knowing you is life eternal,
Child of heaven, Son of God.

You alone can bear my burden.
You alone can save my soul!
Oh, have mercy on my weakness,
Child of heaven, Son of God!

Little baby, Son of God!
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