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Voicing/Instrumentation: Organ/Organ Accompaniment

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Second Coming/Millenium

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More about Brian Richey:
Amateur ward organist who idolizes Mack Wilberg, Ryan Murphy, and my favorite, of course, Jim Kasen. I enjoy discovering harmonies to include in pieces to play during church services.
Song background:

I heard an arrangement from James Kasen over a decade ago and instantly feel in love with this sacrament hymn. It became my all time favorite. But how in the world do you arrange something when someone else done so perfectly? Its hard. I tried incorporating his arrangement when sung during sacrament but have been told that it takes away from the meaning of the lyrics when you alter. Just as other organist do, they ignore critics and continue with what they feel best brings out spirit in a piece. Knowing James Kasen brings out tears in those singing his piece, this is my attempt to replicate (not DUPLICATE) his work. Enjoy.

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