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More about Steve Danielson:
I am a life-long member of the church. I served a mission in the Czech Slovak Mission. I graduated from BYU with a BA in voice in 2002 and from the University of Memphis with a MM in Choral Conducting in 2005. Recently, I graduated with a DMA in Choral Conducting from the University of Washington. I started composing shortly after my mission in 1998. I wrote for my ward and stake choirs. For 11 years, I was a high school choir director and wrote extensively for those ensembles. My other works can be found at my website, https://SDCompose.com
Song background:

This hymn was a collaboration with Michael Young. He came up with the melody and text. He asked me to harmonize the hymn and then I created a choral arrangement of it. 

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Lyrics: Increase our faith, enlarge our souls. <br/>Increase our love and self control. <br/>Inspire our minds, anoint our heads. <br/>Unite our hearts with mighty threads. <br/> <br/>Increase our faith, make clear our eyes. <br/>Increase our will to win the prize. <br/>Renew our strength, make swift our feet. <br/>Combine our work to be complete. <br/> <br/>Increase our faith, make plain thy plan. <br/>Increase our joy all through life's span. <br/>Remove our stain, make scarlet white. <br/>Replace our gloom with loving light.
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