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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Song background:

A long time ago, when I was very young, someone hurt me, pretty bad.  I am sure everyone has a tale like that.  One night, while pondering about what to do, the thought came to me to pray for her.  My head did not want to, but instead of heeding my own thoughts, (cause I know they usually lead me astray), I pushed those feelings aside.   I followed that prompting and a very sweet experience came.  This song is of that experience.  The power of forgiveness is so real. It is so powerful.  It is so healing.  It is an amazing gift we can have if we choose to.


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Lyrics: In the still of the night, <br/>as I sought to let go <br/>of the pain and the hurt <br/>that had filled my whole soul, <br/>when I knelt and prayed <br/>for the one who had hurt me, <br/>In the still of the night, <br/>my heart was set free <br/>with this love, <br/>Chorus <br/>Love from above, <br/>and love for the one <br/>it used to hurt to think of. <br/>Oh the peace that filled my whole soul <br/>and wiped away my sorrow <br/>with this love, <br/>His pure love. <br/>In the still of the night, <br/>with my soul filled with light, <br/>and my heart now changed <br/>as I saw through God’s eyes, <br/>and I felt of the love <br/>He had for my offender, <br/>In the still of the night, <br/>He replaced my anger <br/>with this love, <br/>(Chorus) <br/>Oh this sweet forgiveness <br/>that has freed my soul, <br/>through my great Redeemer <br/>who has made me whole. <br/>And He sets me free <br/>with his love. <br/>(Chorus)
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