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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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More about Shaillé Claypool:
I am a mom with five children. In my "spare time" I enjoy writing songs. I love the gift of music and believe it can have so much influence for good. All my sheet music is available for free download on my website: claypoolmusic.org
Song background:

I write a song for each of my children, and this is the one I wrote for my oldest, Matthew.  The idea for the song came from things that were said in his baby blessing at church a few weeks after he was born.  The mp3 recording is of him singing it at age 10. :)  

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Lyrics: I came to earth and received a body. <br/>I also was given the gift of agency. <br/>The power is in me to choose each day, <br/>The things I will think and do and say. <br/> <br/>CHORUS <br/>My spirit is strong and this battle I’ll win, <br/>Through Christ I can conquer ev’ry sin. <br/>My body and spirit will work in harmony. <br/>To make the right choices and truly be free. <br/> <br/>I can control my actions and my thoughts, <br/>The Spirit reminds me of things that I’ve been taught. <br/>There will be temptations along the way. <br/>But I can stay safe as I study and pray. <br/> <br/>CHORUS <br/>
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