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Voicing/Instrumentation: Piano Solo

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Comments for this piece:
From Rachel: I've been touched by this arrangement every time I hear it. Thank you for uploading a video. I'm currently working with my choir to sing a simple melody line with this arrangement.
5.0 stars.

From Janella: This is one of my favorite arrangements to play as prelude music for sacrament meeting. I get goosebumps and teary-eyed whenever I reach a certain line and can truly feel the Spirit when I play this piece. It's my mom's favorite children's song from the songbook and one of my favorites too. Thank you so much for sharing your gift :)
5.0 stars.

Song background:

Sorry you have to go to my site to get this sheet music...Janice Kapp Perry's new copyright contract states I can't put it on free websites but I can link to it!

For many months this song was my 2 year old (now 3 year old)’s request every night before bed. I felt inspired to write a piano arrangement in dedication to her. So Talia, here you go! Mommy loves you despite the buttons of mine you push  I have learned that the more I act like Christ would with you, the kinder you are. Truly following in the Savior’s steps makes everyone around us happier.

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus (by Danielle Isaacson)

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