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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Stacey Hoopes!

Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo, Vocal Solo

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Children's Songs
Heavenly Father
Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit
Savior/Jesus Christ

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From Very Nice, Stacey

Song background:

*Note: the recording is slightly different than what is written. The intro measures are meant to have dotted quarter/swung notes in the melody. :) I wrote the lyrics to this song after reading in Alma 30 where Alma testifies to Korihor that all things can point us to God and Christ if we choose to believe. Alma 30:41:  "But, behold, I have all things as a testimony that these things are true; and ye also have all things as a testimony unto you that they are true; and will ye deny them?" I especially had my children in mind as I wrote the lyrics, but I hope all children can know that recognizing the blessings all around us can help us to see that we DO have a testimony of some things, even if it isn't a testimony of everything just yet. Each verse focuses on a member of the Godhead and can help a child to understand how Heavenly Father, the Savior, and the Holy Ghost can be a part of our lives as we choose to believe. The verses each begin with a piano introduction indicative of pondering, followed by a question, and the chorus moves along a little bit more to finish with: "I am one who believes!"  I hope my song testifies of the power of being a believer. 

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Lyrics: 1. How can I know that God is real? <br/>I have never seen His face. <br/>But I know He knows each child by name <br/>And how earth and planets move in space. <br/> <br/>Chorus: <br/>I look all around me and blessings I see <br/>Help me understand: I am one who believes! <br/> <br/>2. How can I know that Jesus loves me, <br/>Even if I make mistakes? <br/>I will try each day to follow Him. <br/>I am strong through His atoning grace. <br/>(Chorus) <br/> <br/>3. How can I feel the Holy Ghost <br/>As I walk through life each day? <br/>I can try to sense His guiding hand <br/>And His comfort like a warm embrace. <br/>(Chorus)
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