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Voicing/Instrumentation: SA

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Violin Optional Obbligato/Violin Accompaniment

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Song background:

Performance Selection
2013 LDS Church Relief Society Music Festival


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Lyrics: Chorus <br/>I sing of sweet redeeming love; <br/>Of tender mercies from above; <br/>The wings of grace that shelter me; <br/>The peace that grants my soul reprieve. <br/>I sing of light that makes darkness flee; <br/>I sing of sin and sorrows eased; <br/>To speak my heart, no words suffice: <br/>With everlasting joy, I sing of Christ! <br/> <br/>Verse 1 <br/>The heavens framed, the earth adorned <br/>With majesty and grace; <br/>The Lord saw everything was good, <br/>To give His children place. <br/>With all the wonders God had wrought, <br/>They still were not enough: <br/>He came to earth Himself to show <br/>The path of perfect love. <br/> <br/>Repeat Chorus <br/>Verse 2 <br/>The Voice that sprang the morning light <br/>And woke the sounding seas, <br/>Was heard to speak, in tenderness, <br/>To bless and heal and teach. <br/>The Hands that carved the standing peaks, <br/>Held children close, and then, <br/>The Heart that loved so much was stilled, <br/>In barter for our sins. <br/> <br/>Repeat Chorus
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