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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATBB, 2 part choir, Choir Unison, Guitar Chords Available, Primary Children/Primary Solo, SATB quartet, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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Song background:

The words came to me at 2:00 am.  I awoke in the night with the music from a song by Angie Killian "My Own Sacred Grove."  I began thinking how a Christmas song would go with the music.  The words popped into my head for the first verse.  I got up and went to the computer and wrote the rest.  I asked Angie Killian if she would put them to music since her song inspired me, but she didn't have time.  Since I have two blind spots in my left eye, it's difficult for me to see to write music or read it anymore except one line at a time.  But, with the donation of a keyboard from a good sister at church, I was able to write a simple melody and add some harmony.

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Lyrics: Hallelujah, Jesus is King
Two thousand years ago wise men came
Seeking the baby Jesus.
They followed the star to Bethlehem
Bringing gifts to worship him.
Angels did sing,
Hallelujah to the king.
A star shone bright on that holy night,
Hallelujah, Jesus is king.
Shepherds abiding in the field,
Keeping their flocks so tender,
An angel appeared, their hearts did yield,
As they hastened from the field.
Angels did sing,
Hallelujah to the king.
A star shone bright on that holy night,
Hallelujah, Jesus is king.
Now at Christmas we recall
The birth of baby Jesus,
The tiny babe born in a stall,
To be the Lord of all.
Angels still sing,
Hallelujah to the king.
Jesus is the light that shines so bright,
Hallelujah, Jesus is king.
Repeat Chorus

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