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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Choir Unison

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Trust in God

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Lyrics: . <br/>1. God's faithful promises are sure, <br/>Afford us life and vital pow'r; <br/>Our aid, our comfort, trust and hope <br/>In all afflictions bears us up. <br/> <br/>2. His holy word, we strive to live, <br/>What consolations will it give! <br/>True peace and joy the humble mind <br/>In these bless'd promises shall find. <br/> <br/>3. No greater blessings can be known, <br/>No greater mercies can be shown, <br/>When, through obedience to His word, <br/>We prove our trust in Christ the Lord. <br/> <br/>4. O let us then with patience wait, <br/>God's promises are sure and great: <br/>His gifts and blessings from above <br/>Will fill our hearts with joy and love.
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