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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Choir Unison

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Diligence/Commitment/Endure to End
Trust in God
Come unto Christ Mutual Theme 2014

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Song background:

Original lyrics written by Johann Rist (1607-1667) of Germany and translated into English by Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878).

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Lyrics: . <br/> <br/>1. Follow me, in me ye live, <br/>What ye ask I freely give, <br/>Only heed ye lest ye stray, <br/>Follow me, the Living Way; <br/>Follow me with all your hearts, <br/>I will ward off sorrow's darts; <br/>Learn from Christ your Lord to be <br/>Rich in meek humility. <br/> <br/>2. Yea, Lord, meet it is indeed <br/>We should all thy bidding heed; <br/>Who in fear of this earth's blame, <br/>Counts Thy lowly yoke a shame, <br/>To Thy name, Lord, hath no right, <br/>Is no Christian, in Thy sight. <br/>Ah too well I know that we, <br/>Here on earth, should follow Thee. <br/> <br/>3. Where is strength, Lord, to fulfil, <br/>Glad at heart, Thy works and will, <br/>Following on where Thou hast trod? <br/>All too weak am I, O God; <br/>If awhile Thy paths I keep, <br/>Soon I pine for rest and sleep; <br/>E'en to love Thee, Lord, aright, <br/>Passeth far my feeble might. <br/> <br/>4. Yet I will not turn from Thee, <br/>Yet my joy in Christ shall be; <br/>Help me, make me strong and bold, <br/>Firm and fast Thy grace to hold; <br/>All temptation here I leave, <br/>Only to my Lord I cleave; <br/>Worldy promises are lies, <br/>But who follows Thee is wise. <br/> <br/>5. Thou hast gone before us, Lord, <br/>Not with anger, strife, or sword, <br/>Not with kingly pomp and pride, <br/>But with mercy at Thy side. <br/>Moved by wondrous love divine <br/>For our life Thou gavest Thine, <br/>And Thy precious outpoured blood, <br/>Won for us the highest good. <br/> <br/>6. Let us follow in such sort, <br/>Christ-like every deed and thought, <br/>That Thy love most true and kind <br/>All our hearts henceforth may bind; <br/>None may look behind him now, <br/>Who to Christ hath pledged his vow; <br/>Jesus leads, no longer stand, <br/>Follow me, is His command. <br/> <br/>7. Draw me up, my God, from hence, <br/>Raise me high o'er earth and sense, <br/>That I lose not Thee from sight, <br/>Nor in life nor death, my Light! <br/>In my soul's most deep recess <br/>Let me cherish holiness, <br/>Not for show or human praise, <br/>But for Thy sake, all my days. <br/> <br/>8. Grant me, Lord, my heart's desire, <br/>So my course to run nor tire, <br/>That my practised soul may prove <br/>What Thy meekness, what Thy love. <br/>Grant me here to trust Thy grace, <br/>There with joy to see Thy face, <br/>This in time my portion be, <br/>That through all eternity! <br/> <br/>.
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