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Vocal Solo Medium Voice/Low Voice

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Song background:

Watching the first snow flakes of the season coming down is delightful to me. Its a change of season and gives my soul a lift.


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Lyrics: Snow makes, <br/>Snow flakes, <br/>Merrily twirling gracefully down, all around. <br/>Making such a wonderful day. <br/>First Snow, <br/>Hearts aglow, <br/>Magic fills the air. <br/>Come lets go out in the wintry fare. <br/>Air's crisp, <br/>Air's brisk, <br/>Suddenly making me come alive, <br/>I thrive enjoying such a wonderful day. <br/>Cold nose, <br/>Warm toes, <br/>Happily walking through winter's white delight. <br/>Oh, its such a wonderful day. <br/>What a view. <br/>First snow, <br/>Hearts aglow, <br/>Magic fills the air. <br/>Come lets go out in the wintry fare. <br/>You're here, <br/>You're near, <br/>Walking beside me you take my hand. <br/>Its so grand, <br/>Sharing such a wonderful day, <br/>Sharing such a wonderful day, <br/>With you!
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