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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Heavenly Father

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Lyrics for this song were written by Rita Ruiz.

Father's Love (by Lindy Kerby)

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Lyrics: I love Thee Father,
I long to feel Thee near.
I've gone astray, and I'm so lonely here.
Please hear my prayers, I beg on bended knee,
Oh Lord, my God, please come and comfort me.

In light of day, He gives me greater sight,
His love shines like a beacon in the night.
He whispers peace that calms my troubled heart,
He takes my hand and walks me through the dark

Father's Love shows me the way
His warm embrace awaits me everyday,
Oh grant me strength, be my guide be my stay;
I will not fear when I walk by Thy side.

Deep Within my soul, I know I can succeed,
he whispers, "Child I know your every need."
Weak things made strong, a promise He has made,
I am His own; His love will never fade

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